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Confini (literally “borders”) is the first artistic residency in Trentino, Italy, dedicated to cinema.

Confini is aimed at young professionals of the industry from all over the world, who have already started to develop skills in the field, but want to experiment with the 35mm film for the first time.

The artists in residency will shoot their own short film exclusively in 35mm film.

If you are a young DoP, film Director, Camera Operator or Producer in search for a 2 weeks long masterclass in Italy, held by 4 international mentors, Confini is made for you!

03rd October
16th October
Apr - Aug 2022
Apply to the Residency as a DoP, Director, Camera Operator or Producer. You will need an updated CV/Resume and a showreel - if available. In addition, directors must submit an original script (approximately 3 pages long) which takes place in one or no more than two locations of the Residency.
Early Aug 2022
Our team will start to select 40 people (10 per category) from all the applications. Directors will be chosen on the basis of the script. The 10 best scripts will be developed and shooted during the Residency.
Late Aug 2022
You will receive a notification with the result of the selection and the details for the payment. In case of non-payment by the established date, the place will be given to another participant.
Sep 2022
The ten selected directors will start developing their script online during a three-lesson masterclass in September with the directors’ mentor. Once the masterclass is over, the directors will have to hand in their final script to the organisation, which will forward it to all the participants in the other departments.
Early Oct 2022
From the 04th of October 2022, until the 16th of October 2022, the selected participants will come and join the CONFINI residency experience, networking with international peer filmmakers and shoot a wonderful 35mm short film.
Late Oct 2022
At the end of the residency, all the participants will receive from the lab the digital Full HD file of the footage to proceed independently with the editing.
Let’s talk about the Covid issue
In order to participate in the residency, all participants must: 1- Possess a valid certificate of vaccination (Green Pass). 2- Prove that they have a NEGATIVE antigen swab within 48 hours prior to the start of the residency. Anyone who does not meet these requirements will unfortunately not be admitted to the residency and will be reimbursed (100% of the fee) only if the result of the antigen swab is POSITIVE within 48 hours before the start of the residency.
Pick up point
We offer every participant the possibility to take for free a dedicated transfer bus from Rovereto to Tenno (30 km) the day before the start of the residency. The city of Rovereto can be easily reached by train from the main international airports in Italy (Verona, Milano, Bergamo, Bologna, Rome), by bus or Flixbus. Detailed infos will be given on demand.
Fee Fee for Producers
Early Bird 1.000 € from 01st of April until 30th of April 2022
Regular 1.500 € from 01st of May until 31th of July 2022
Last Call 2.000 € from 01st of August until 20th of August 2022
Fee Fee For Directors, Dop and Camera Operators
Early Bird 1.500 € from 01st of April until 30th of April 2022
Regular 2.000 € from 01st of May until 31th of July 2022
Last Call 2.400 € from 01st of August until 20th of August 2022
Residency For Italian participants the VAT of 22% must be added to the fee. Please read all the terms and conditions in the attached announcement.
Still have doubts? We have a FAQ section for you.
What’s included in the Fee
Film and Technical
  • Film equipment to shoot your film
  • 1 day of a professional local sound guy / per project
  • 15 Kodak rolls of 400ft (122m) negative 35mm 500T
  • 15 Kodak rolls of 400ft (122m) negative 35mm 250D
  • HD scan one light of your footage
  • Equipment Insurance
  • The team of Confini ready to help you
  • Shuttle Bus prom the Pick up point (Rovereto) and back
  • A weekend of teambuilding activities and touristic visits
  • A full time mentorship for the category you decide to apply
  • Networking activities with professionals of the Industry
  • A common area to attend the workshops
We are working to give you the best offer possible. Keep an eye on this page. It will be updated! Apply